• UNDERSTANDING THE LIFE - - Reading and writing enables people to understand the complexity of human life and gives them the power of unlocking the issues of human life. UPPAHAR is immensely committed to promote an Adult literacy program to connect the "World with rural India".
  • DIGITAL INDIA MOVEMENT  - Education of rural Indian illiterate men and women is a part of Digital India Movement.
  • MOBILE REVOLUTION - All Government public schemes and banks are connected through mobile phones. Uppahar Adult Literacy program gives illiterate people an opportunity to use mobile and internet services to apply and claim all Central and State Government schemes. 

Not only does Uppahar work with children, it also targets Adults to eradicate illiteracy in societies, bringing helpful changes to the nation by providing education to everyone.

The slogan that, "Leave thumb, Hold pen "
calls for this project.

Uppahar is widely operating these programs in the target locations of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. Through these programs, many illiterate adults (men and women) are now able to read and write.  


UPPAHAR is a Charitable and volunteer organization, providing a perfect balance in academics, sports, cultural, creative and social opportunities in the field of community development.