Are you interested to learn more about UPPAHAR?

Please contact us and we will provide you with our regular information letter.

We are gladly willing to visit your community, homegroup or event in order to hold a PowerPoint presentation and explain more about our various projects and the work that we do.

If you would like to support us financially, there are the following options:

1) Child sponsorship: Sponsor one of our kids in the Children’s Home and become a foster parent with 35 Euro a month.
2) Community Development Organizers sponsorship: Sponsor one of our "CDO families" with 75 - 100 Euro a month.
3) Or give a donation for any of our various projects. We use all donations for their specified purpose.

Please bear in mind that just a few Euros will make a big difference in India, as…
….a small loaf of bread costs only around 30 cent
…1 banana costs 3 cent
…1 bottle of mineral water costs around 30 cent etc.
…a new pair of shoes costs 3-4 Euro


UPPAHAR is a Charitable and volunteer organization, providing a perfect balance in academics, sports, cultural, creative and social opportunities in the field of community development.