Providing Education to the village children

The main objective of the Tutoring centers is to give coaching to the village children creating an interest for their education and bringing awareness among the children and their parents to education. Through these programs many children who were unable to attend the school are motivated to get involved in education. By this program we are able to create education environment to prepare the children for their futures and in order to stop the dropout rate after their primary education.

 We can then send them to the government run ST and SC hostels meant for them. Also, the school dropout students can get readmitted in the schools to continue their education. This is possible by giving them an opportunity for education with the help of professional teachers who help them with their homework. These programs are running effectively in the remote places where such facilities do not exist.

 Children receive three hours of coaching daily; parents’ approach and interaction results in many changes with their children. Uppahar experienced through the regular parent’s teacher meeting bring good results in the life children on education and holistic development. The community people's involvement plays a vital role in helping the work to continue for the benefit of the children. Uppahar has more than 40 such Tutoring (Coaching) Centers running in Andhra Pradesh and Odisha in the target districts of Uppahar.  


UPPAHAR is a Charitable and volunteer organization, providing a perfect balance in academics, sports, cultural, creative and social opportunities in the field of community development.