Sheep distribution

Sheep Distribution

Sheep distribution programme - Uppahar provide a pair of sheep (male and female) to a poor family or widows who have no regular income sources for their livelihood. Later they return one lamb to the sheep bank, which is lent out to another family at a later stage

Sustainable income source

Thus, we enable people to provide for themselves which is little but it helps a lots to them for their income. It was provided more in Parvatipuram Mandalam, Makkuva Mandalam of Vijayanagarm district and Alamanda, Bandhugaon and Narayanpatnam Block of Koraput district of Orissa. At Lolugu village of Srikakulam district also we have provided the hybrid cow to 20 numbers of widow's as well HIV/AIDs infected community people for their regular sustainable income sources for the difficult families.


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